Book Review: Jim Butcher – “Skin Game”

It’s long overdue, but my review is finally here of Jim Butcher’s “Skin Game”, book 15 of the Harry Dresden Files.

The review in one sentence: Damn, I have got to go back and read the whole thing again.

CD Review: The Protomen – “Act II – The Father of Death”

“The Father of Death” is an exceptional disc, even without the underlying story. Reading the story while listening makes for a rewarding experience. The musicians portray the characters well, and the themes of despair, courage and independence are well represented.

Book Release – “You Are a Network”

Network marketing is people marketing. Every business seeking to be profitable engages in people marketing. New professionals and experienced veterans in the industry shouldn’t be afraid to be labeled as network marketers. Join author and network marketing professional Nick Kelly as he explores the history of the industry, the legitimacy of direct selling as a business model, and provides details on the schemes improperly associated with network marketing. Explore common objections, and the reasons for success and failure. Learn the skills needed for success in today’s increasingly connected world, and why now is the best time in history to be a network marketing pro.

White Out – When the Weather Keeps You From Earning a Living

This post is specifically for those who have a profession and the weather (or other circumstances) have kept them from earning a living. Many folks in America live paycheck to paycheck, and missing days or weeks of work could have a huge financial impact. Weather is one obstacle. Unexpected health issues can be another. Family emergencies. Car troubles. Home repairs. Any of these can not only cost money, but impact the ability to earn it, having a double effect. Let’s discuss how residual income can overcome these limitations.