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Nick Kelly is a veteran musician, trainer and speaker.

His musical travels have taken him all over the United States, singing with the band Division, or entertaining local DC-MD-VA crowds with the energetic cover band, Just Wanna Play.  He has played everywhere from the Virginia Wine and Garlic Festival to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Nick’s public speaking engagements have helped hundreds of business owners to understand the necessity of “Communicating Effectively with Purpose” and “Developing and Understanding Your Vision.” He presents to coaches and parents on the importance of health, understanding of the glycemic index, and the massive energy drink market.

Nick is an Internet Safety advocate, and an ambassador for Enough is Enough online safety. He has written on the subject for Prince William Living and Fredericksburg Parent magazines.

He is the author of the Leon “Catwalk” Caliber cyberpunk series, which debuted in the 2001 comic, Independent Voices 3 and continues in novels with 2013’s “Catwalk: Messiah.” He co-authors the Urban Samurai series, beginning with 2013’s “Ichi.”



A few references for Nick’s public speaking engagements:
“Nick Kelly is a keynote speaker that will have you thinking outside the box immediately. His command of the stage and microphone reflects his years of experience as a singer. Nick motivates and inspires an audience through a combination of humor and deep insight that is rare.” `~Dave Delevante, owner Delevante Health Enterprises, Virginia

“Your presentation was creative and “down to earth” and being on stage was a ease for you (for obvious reasons) but your presentation style occurred to me as effortless.” – Tim Lisbon, Earthtone Bodyworks, Leesburg, VA

“Your presentation was powerful and full of energy. Connection with your prospects is the key ingredient I took away from your talk!!!” – Erika Hilliard, Entrepreneur, Parker Heights, TX

“I really got a lot out of your presentation! You were speaking from real experience and that impressed me because I could totally relate. It didn’t feel like a staged thing at all, but that you were speaking directly to me. Thanks so much! It was really helpful.” – Elizabeth Pasquale, Director, Well on the Way Holistic Health Center, New York

“Nick Kelly is a dynamic speaker who brings life to his presentations with energy and humor. I first heard Nick speak at a leadership training event this year, and am certainly looking forward to hearing much more from Nick in the future.” – Robin Thomas, Entrepreneur, Chapel Hill, NC

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Health & Wellness

Cardiovascular disease kills 17 million people a year. Cancer 8.6 million. Respiratory Disease 3.7 million. Diabetes 990,000.

1 in 3 children born in the United States is expected to develop Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

1 in 3 people in North America is trying to lose weight. 2 out of 5 are on diets.

American unemployment is in double-digits.

My wife, Dr. Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, and I decided to embrace Usana Health Sciences as our way to help people and couples to meet their health and wellness goals.

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I’ve written a number of things in different directions, but my primary focus is the futuristic cop, Catwalk. Take Spider Man, Akira and Blade Runner and throw them in a mixing bowl, and you have a good starting point. Here’s an exerpt from one of the stories, not in comic format:

So now that I talked about what I do. Lemme explain what makes me tick. An’ no, I don’t mean these parts that have become more of me than the human parts. The legs, the spine, the chop job that it took to put them in. Even the eyes. I used to have human eyes, but they’re too sensitive. That’s a whole different story.

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A wise man told me to close my eyes and listen for the sound that inspired me. When I did so, I heard my son's laughter. Life has never been the same.

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