Beardathon Update: It’s My Birthday!

Today is May 18th, which just happens to be my birthday. Instead of presents, I’m hoping that my friends will help me hit my new goal of $500. It’s not much, but you know what, it’s an incredibly important cause.

The Playoff Tradition: NHL Beard-a-thon

One of the best traditions in sports is the NHL tradition of the playoff beard. During the playoffs (which go for four rounds and require 16 wins to life Lord Stanley’s Cup), players will not shave until they have been eliminated or won it all. This is why the pictures from the finals look like two squads of cavemen.

Book Review: Jim Butcher – “Skin Game”

It’s long overdue, but my review is finally here of Jim Butcher’s “Skin Game”, book 15 of the Harry Dresden Files.

The review in one sentence: Damn, I have got to go back and read the whole thing again.

CD Review: The Protomen – “Act II – The Father of Death”

“The Father of Death” is an exceptional disc, even without the underlying story. Reading the story while listening makes for a rewarding experience. The musicians portray the characters well, and the themes of despair, courage and independence are well represented.