Every time I take my 2003 Honda CBR 600 F4i our on the bike scene, I’m always asked about the bright red can that’s mounted on the side. A few years ago, I decided to wrap my shock absorber reservoir bottle with a can of Rev3 energy drink. The leading energy drink company uses this space to advertise, and it only made sense for me to do the same. Since a few people have asked recently how I did that, I figured I would put together a quick how-to video that shows the details. Check it out and let me know what you think!

If you’ve never heard of it, Rev3 is a healthy alternative to the mainstream energy drinks on the market. There’s no fake sugars like aspartame, no synthetically produced taurine, and no fast-burning, high-glycemic sugars. Rev3 provides caffeine from tea extracts, and contains healthy ingredients like L-carnitine, CoEnzyme Q10, and B-vitamins.

For more on Rev3, check out our website.