I revealed a few posts ago that I am now officially a part of Amazon’s Author Central community. The first book listed on the site is the 2001 comic, Independent Voices 3, which featured my character, Leon “Catwalk” Caliber, in his debut. The debut is actually a prequel to the first Catwalk novel, titled “Catwalk: Messiah – a Leon ‘Catwalk’ Caliber Story” which is scheduled for release in late July of this year.

Today, we take one step closer as we reveal the fantastic cover art (created by the uber-talented Heidi Sutherlin of My Creative Pursuits). Heidi took the time to work through a great design with me and I am really proud of what we’ve created. Part of Catwalk’s mystique is that his cybernetic crime fighting (and occasionally crime committing) armor is meant to look more like a technical beast than a human. I think Heidi nailed it.

Messiah provides an introduction to Catwalk as he moves from his D.C. cop job out to the west coast. He takes up residence among the seedier part of Downtown Nitro City, the industrial nightmare that was once Los Angeles. He pays the bills by taking on the odd jobs, in the process building quite a network of contacts. When out-of-control MetaHuman constructs begin to appear on the city streets, the solace that Cat hoped to find is shattered. Can he solve the case and get to the perpetrator behind these mad machines, or will Nitro City fall to the cyborgs’ mysterious creator?

Read the prologue HERE.

“Catwalk: Messiah” is set to hit the Kindle store in late July. Want to read it sooner? We’re looking for readers willing to review the book on Amazon, blogs, and other review sites. Interested parties can email us at catwalk.caliber@gmail.com .

And now, without further stalling, take a look at Cat’s full length, sci-fi novel debut: