If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge fan of a little thing called the Nerd Out App. What is it? I’m glad you asked…


There are a ton of review components to modern social media sites. Amazon allows user reviews (and questions) on all of its products available for sale. Yelp is built on the idea of crowd-based ratings of businesses. Facebook allows for star-based reviews. Live Clinic rates doctors. Angie’s List rates contractors. Consumr rates retail businesses. Untapped rates beer. The list is endless. These sites are all designed to provide users with an idea of availability and quality of the items and services they seek.

Nerd Out isn’t so much a rating app as it is a form of Yelp for geeks. The primary draw to the app is the calendar feature which covers the entire nation (and even the United Kingdom) and provides information on nerdy events from coast to coast. The events vary from comic and sci-fi conventions to Geeks who Drink contests, board game nights, Disney trivia, comedy shows and movie premieres. Whether you’re on the road or looking for a local event, Nerd Out has you covered.

The calendar feature isn’t the only draw to Nerd Out. The app includes a wall similar to Facebook where geeks can share check-ins and status updates. One button features a great link to cosplay pictures from events around the world. There are stickers for use with iMessages, and users can even create their own profile. Curious about events in your area or how to use the app? The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and how-to video have the answers at the tip of your fingers.

The app is free and is 100% powered by volunteers, led by founder Michelle Jensen. The volunteers, referred to lovingly as the Nerd Squad, is responsible for keeping the events up to date, but users can also submit events through the Nerd Out App website. Users can also share events to Facebook, Twitter and via text directly from the app itself.

The Nerd Out App is available in the App store and Google Play. Curious to hear more? The app has been featured in a number of magazines and podcasts.