Friends, family, gamers! We have a new Destiny themed podcast. It seems my esteemed colleague Tee Morris (of the award-winning Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences steampunk books) got an itch for us to podcast. As you’ve heard me say, podcasting is a gateway drug. Tee already co-hosts The Shared Desk with his lovely wife, Pip Ballantine. I’m already co-host of the Geek Wolfpack Podcast with Stacia and Brandon. So, this one is not a major time sink. Each episode is 30 minutes of Destiny-filled goodness, with Tee, Brandon and me waxing poetic. If you’re looking for gamers who take themselves seriously, we’re not the podcast for you.

Our first episode is live already and gives everyone a chance to meet us as players. Tee calls himself the reluctant gamer. Nick tends to look at gaming as a way to blow off steam and celebrate gaming with friends. Brandon, well, he’s the most serious gamer of the bunch. They play for the social aspect, the competitive aspect, and the growth of their guardians. Above all else, we would love to hear from you. Do you play Destiny? Did you leave and come back? Have you been around since day one? What’s your favorite thing about Destiny? Why do you play?

Future topics include the Destiny app, storytelling, writing, why we play, and the upcoming Age of Triumph release which is just 2 weeks away! Give us a listen and let us know what you think through our email or listener line:

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