I’m back in Manhattan and here to share some more with fans of the Marvel Netflix universe. Last year, we shared some set locations from Marvel’s Iron Fist. This time around, we’re in midtown, and here to share some scenes from both Netflix  Defenders and Jessica Jones. These are just a few of the many filming locations in New York City. We haven’t even ventured to the Village or Brooklyn yet. For fans who do, you can visit both Luke Cage’s bar and Josie’s.

Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave Flashback

First up is Jessica Jones. In episode 1.2, “AKA Crush Syndrome“, Jones (Krysten Ritter) investigates the site where Kilgrave (David Tennant) has been hit by an overturned bus. The scene takes place on 39th street near the spot where the buses leave the Port Authority and enter the Lincoln Tunnel. The actual location is a body shop.

Alexandra’s Fine Dining


Next up is a location in Hell’s Kitchen. In episode 3, “Worst Behavior”, Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) is shown in a flashback eating traditional Turkish cuisine. The Turkish restaurant is located at 631 9th Avenue. It’s right in the heart of the Kitchen, unlike most scenes that supposedly take place there.

The Hand’s HQ


Third is the Midland Circle building. This is the headquarters for the company fronting for The Hand. The building hosts the final battle between the Defenders and the army of ninjas. It is the standoff between the heroes and Elektra herself. The building is actually a tower of condos called the Atelier. It’s located at 635 West 42nd Street. Interesting note from Untapped Cities website:

“The 45th floor penthouse of the Atelier has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and comes with a million dollar yacht, two Rolls Royce cars, private chef and butler, a rental mansion in the Hamptons and other over the top amenities.” Alexandra and crew really live it up!

When you visit New York, be sure to hit the tourist spots, but don’t miss the many cool filming locations. We’ll be back for more site locations, not exclusive to the Big Apple. Got some film locations where you’ve been? Let’s hear about your experiences!