What’s This?

This is the inevitable links page…always undergoing revisions, where you get to hear me spout off about what I’m workin on, who else I know is awesome beyond belief, and anything I feel is worth pimpin!

I’ve never been accused of staying with only one task and not diversifying my mental portfolio. So, for starters, let’s hit a few of the things I’m doing now, before bantering about historical projects.

I’m more devoted to music than the other creative outlets, pouring myself into three different projects as well as any open mic that I might happen across on the road. So Music comes first, then Writing, then Acting/Modeling/Creative Miscellaneous.

One of the greatest benefits to traveling so much and spending so much time around performers is the plethora of (no, not pinatas!) talented people who can influence me through a chance meeting, or vice versa. Anyone I can think of in that vein is below too.

Then there’s general silliness or other things I just plain love.


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Health & Wellness

Want to increase your health through nutritionals, supplementation and all-natural energy? Ask me how.

A fantastic mentor on nutrition, supplements and the business end of health & wellness is our good friend, David Delevante.  Check out his blog for some great free advice.

Musical Endeavors

I’ve always said metal is my home, but I love to travel. So, with that being said, you’ll hear a huge variety of music in my work and the catalog I enjoy. Still, I always wind up going back home. That being said, metal’s been my mainstay for years. I’ve been the frontman for Division since late 2002, and we’re going strong. Check out our work on the following sites:

Division Official Page

Division Official MySpace Page

Now, we’ve started one of the coolest projects I’ve seen. This is a musical troupe called Just Wanna Play (JWP). JWP could be just me and my long-time buddy Danny Martelino, or it could be a rotation of six or eight different performers over the course of the night. It’s great coz people never know what they’re gonna see when JWP is on the bill. Check it out here:

Just Wanna Play on MySpace

What Else Keeps Me Tickin

As I said, or if you know me, it doesn’t need sayin’, there are a few other things that really get me revved up. Hockey, Motorcycles and Horror flicks top the list (of things I can print and still hope to be elected to office someday). I’m proud as hell to lead the DC Chapter of the Lou-Evil Psycles Motorcycle Club, started in Louisville, KY. DB is our prez (and my big brother), and we have a great group of guys and gals who do a lot for the community and each other. Check out LEP here:

Lou-Evil Psycles Motorcycle Club

I used to write and cover hockey and actually got compensated for it for years, but those days are gone. Now I just scamper thru the Net, grabbing info and rumors as they come, and annually blowing a ton of money and time on the hockey-related video games that are out there.

Speaking of compensation, and blowin money, and a ton of time….Horror flicks have become a HUGE passion for me over the last decade or so. I used to watch and enjoy them, but I never took the time to dig into them the way I’ve started to. As a result, I joined the great online review site,, led by Jim “Head Cheeze” Reilly. I was in love with the site the first time I ever read the Hall of Shame, entries written by Big McLargeHuge. Now I have a chance to put my fingers on the keys and praise or pepper flicks as I think they deserve.

It also means I get a lot of free flicks, so when we host parties at the pad, my buddies all know that there will be some gruesome, or cheese-laden, horror flick to be viewed. Check out

Horrorview on MySpace

Since I don’t have any pending acting work, or anything else to pimp to everyone, let’s move on to everyone else I know, respect and want to share with a willing audience!

Other People Worth Clickin

Let it not be said that I don’t share the love around here. Most of the people I know are holding down a respectable day job and pummeling away at making a living with their real passion. So, here’s a few that leap to mind instantly:

Sybir – Writer, Artist, Model, and More

Sybir is the being who has kept me alive and has been my sanity over the past decade plus. I’m looking forward to growing old gracelessly with her, and every bump, bruise, smile, laugh and unexpected pleasure along the way.

Diego de la Rosa– Independent Pro Wrestler

Diego and I have known each other for-shockin-ever. The way I keep pluggin away at music is the way he keeps pluggin away at wrestling. He’s a phenomenal performer, can command anyone’s attention, and he’s one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Check him out!

The Brain – Writer and Poet

Our buddy Brian is so smart we just changed his name to The Brain. No mice, no pinky…insert joke here…but just all around damn smart. He’s a great writer too, check out his work!

Joe’s Travel Psychosis Blog

Joe and I work together. He’s gone through some of the worst travel experiences EVER. Read about them in his travel psychosis blog!

Cassandra Lee – one of the hardest working and most vocal horror writers around.

cassandra lee

Fun Stuff

Chaser – Freedom from Hangovers

Jim Beam Small Batch bourbouns

Other Important Sites:

Amber Alert System – The AMBER Plan is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – Campaigns, Education Resources and Alerts to protect children.

2 SMRT 4U – campaign to encourage teens to practice safe, smart habits when posting information about themselves on social networking Web sites and blogs.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

National Center for Sport and Physical Education

National Sex Offender Public Registry -Public Service provided by the U.S. Attorney General’s office

One – One is an effort by Americans to rally Americans – One by One- to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty

H.E.A.R. – Hearing Information resource for musicians and music lovers

family watchdog