I’ve written a number of things in different directions, but my primary focus is the futuristic cop, Catwalk. Take Spider Man, Akira and Blade Runner and throw them in a mixing bowl, and you have a good starting point. Here’s an exerpt from one of the stories, not in comic format:

So now that I talked about what I do. Lemme explain what makes me tick. An’ no, I don’t mean these parts that have become more of me than the human parts. The legs, the spine, the chop job that it took to put them in. Even the eyes. I used to have human eyes, but they’re too sensitive. That’s a whole different story.

Because I was put together out of parts that never went through what we’ll call quality assurance, I spend my days and nights pretty mangled. Hell, my back looks like ten kids got to play art class with a scalpel. I’ve had some fixes done once I found someone I trust, but it can’t all be undone.

So, I tend to take a lot of things to counter the pain. Some are chemical, some are technological. Nanotech’s so far have been the biggest step forward, to counter the pain. It’s not that the pain itself is so bad, it’s the consequences.

Cybernetics have become the popular culture. Not only do they make you far superior to the flesh and bones you once may have been, but they’re shiny, and the sheep love shiny objects. So, they quickly became part of the world’s fashion sense. Once you take a functional item and make it popular, you expand your profits tenfold. So, the biotech companies, good and bad, big and small, just ate it up. Like the public safety and the political world, the ones with the ethics got shoved under the carpet pretty quickly.

There’s a problem, though. There always is. As someone becomes more and more of a machine, they start losing their ability to relate to their old lives. That sounds simple enough; you forget anniversaries and birthdays and grandma’s maiden name, no shockin’ big deal. It’s when you start forgetting what it was to be human that it becomes a problem. Eventually, the social rule sets disappear, the need to relate to other people, in essence all the things that keep humans “human”.

Emotions become a much less complex palette. Instead, there’s only a few that manage to survive the change. And I’ve yet ta see any of them where happy boy is the only state left. If it was, I wouldn’t have had a job as a cop.

Not only do the emotions change, but in terms of extremes, the titillation, the inspiration, the highs, follow the same path as a drug addict. What used to be exciting isn’t even close, instead, the subject pushes things more and more extreme. So, in essence, through cybernetics, we removed social structure, made people need more and more extreme measures to get excited, and gave them superior physicality to do it with. Sounds a lot like a whole generation of psychopaths waiting to happen.”

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